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Design Build Process

We design + build homes.

What is Design Build?

Design Build is an iterative process working creatively through ideas and opportunities alongside exterior probabilities and constraints.



  • Designing and building your home is an iterative process, and we have developed a system that builds in the efficiencies and mechanisms you need to get from start to finish.

    In a Design-Build contract, you only need to deal with one single administrative entity, as we provide both design services and construction under one contract package.

    Concept & Zoning

    Conceptualizing a space always begins with what’s important to you.  At this stage, we help establish a broad design approach from which all subsequent work will be based.  In order to lay down a strong design foundation, we gather and integrate as much information as possible.  We draw from your inspirational sources and the desired experiences you want the space to provide, and provide you with options on the path that lay ahead.

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    Early Constructability Review

    Early onsite exploration by our contractor or trade experts can prove critically valuable.  A peek early on into attics, basements and bulkheads can tell us whether or not design concepts are viable, illuminate constraints or special considerations, and help to avoid surprises down the road.  Energy and hazardous materials testing early into the design-build process helps to inform project budgets and scope of work requirements alongside design.  Ballpark budgets are established together with you.


    Permit Drawings

    With a solid understanding of the project requirements, conceptual direction, and physical constraints, we turn our focus to filling out the drawings into the Building Permit Submission Set of drawings for the City.  We design the structural, mechanical, electrical systems of the house, and evaluate the energy requirements.  We do a full building code analysis and prepare/compile the required permit documents for issue into the City.

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    This home was build with thought, care and integrity. We cannot express how happy is was to work with Novell and especially the dynamic team of Laurel and Angelito.


    Construction is the phase where a fully design-build integrated approach really pays off with efficiencies and seamless execution of ideas, start to finish.  Work begins with an agreed upon budget framework, an overall construction schedule is set, and bi-weekly meetings become routine to monitor progress alongside you, answering any and all questions along the way.  We are licensed builders with HPO, and Pacific Home Warranty, and proud GVHBA and BBB members.  Our expert tradespeople, site supervisors, coordinators and finishers build with a tight dovetail relationship to our designers in the office, and your priorities laid out from the beginning.  



    Design Development

    Often overlapping with permitting and/or part of construction start, design development is where we refine design expression, finish and material selection, product specification.   We deeply consider approaches to finishing, identify exact materials, become specific with systems and accurate with dimensions of that which is proposed, all within the established budget framework set out earlier, but updated to reflect final selections.

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    All new homes are warrantied with the industry required HPO 2-5-10 coverage, where we personally administrate your needs for the first 2 years.  As proud RenoMark® Renovators, all renovation projects receive a 2 year warranty on all labour, exceeding the industry minimum.  All you need to do now is enjoy your new home.

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    So what’s important to you? We want to hear about your project ideas!

    Contact us now for you free consultation.

  • Why Choose Design Build?

    With Novell Design Build working for you, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:


    Your project is completed in less time and you can enjoy your new space that much quicker.

    Every project encounters its share of hurdles, but a Design Build system ensures that these impediments are dealt with swiftly. Because of Novell’s integrated approach, all parties (site supervisors, designers, etc.) are aware of when and where issues occur, which decreases the turnaround time needed to resolve them.



    Novell’s team works under a unified vision and goal.

    An important part of Novell’s Design Build system is teamwork. The risk of confrontation over the course of the project is essentially eliminated because designers and builders work in tandem and always know when and where to step in to ensure maximum quality of work.



    Everyone involved in your project is a professional in their respective fields.

    Novell’s Design Build services offer an advantage over traditional methods because of the qualifications of its professionals. A lone architect may not have building expertise and conversely, a builder may not be able to design a space to your standards.


    “There’s a direct line from concept to build, which is brilliant. That’s the way it should be done.”


    Solutions, not arguments.

    Elimination of unnecessary internal conflict is fundamental to our process.

    It is proven that diversity of opinion encourages brainstorming and problem solving. This is the form of confrontation that Novell embraces. There are challenges in every project and we are only interested in solutions that work for you. When working in a non-Design Build setting, unnecessary confrontations will almost always take place.


    “The integration of design build meant that there were no promises made that could not be kept.”



    The most important aspect of a Design Build system is its inclusion of our client into the project.

    Novell’s process would not be able to thrive without your collaboration and feedback. Design Build is perfectly equipped to receive your suggestions and concerns and weave them into the tasks at hand. In essence, the key ingredient that makes Design Build work is you.


    So what’s important to you? We want to hear about your project ideas!

    Contact us now for you free consultation.