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Elevate Your Kitchen Cabinets – Advice Featured on Redfin

  • By London Camaclang

We were recently featured by Redfin with some advice for elevating your kitchen cabinets. As the largest feature in most kitchens, cabinetry is always one of our top considerations!

Here was our top tip for homeowners:

“To upgrade your kitchen cabinets, consider requesting all visible end panels match the finish on your door fronts – these are called gable ends. Often millworkers will have a standard flat profile for end panels. The additional cost is worth the added visual interest it brings to the space.”

Novell Design Studio

Our Kitsilano Residence is a great example of these gable end panels in a modern, eclectic home. For this family, the kitchen, dining and gardens were key gathering spaces in their home. We’ve designed these spaces with this in mind, and added details to keep them visually tethered. With gable end panels, and with storage wrapping around the corners of the kitchen, these cabinets maximized space while creating a soft transition between rooms.

Novell Design Build Kitsilano Residence Kitchen and Dining
Kitsilano Residence – Kitchen and Dining Room with Custom Cabinetry

Read the full list of tips on Redfin here:



Custom Curved Dormer Inspired by Gingerbread Turrets

  • By London Camaclang

Inspiration for this Vancouver infill arrived in gingerbread form.

We fell in love with the idea of a turret …. and not just because it was covered in icing! Throughout our Design Build process, the turret has changed in location and size. The final design is a charming, custom curved dormer.

Framing this roof has been so rewarding and we wanted to share the process so far. We can’t wait to see this spectacular space completed.

This Vancouver infill is a laneway home that benefits from an additional boost in square footage. We’ve framed the custom roof to include varying slopes, custom curves, and vaulted height above the entrance and main staircase. Stay tuned for updates as our team moves into the next phases of this construction!



Villa Rypen: A Modern House on the Edge of a Forest in Aarhus, Denmark – Design Milk

  • By novelladmin

C.F. Møller Architects designed a modern, single-story home in Aarhus, Denmark, extending out to the forest it’s situated next to.

Source: Villa Rypen: A Modern House on the Edge of a Forest in Aarhus, Denmark – Design Milk



FLA XT on Architizer

  • By novelladmin

FLA XT is the most convenient and low-maintenance fireplace on the market. This automatic bio fireplace with an external fuel tank and a control panel is the ideal solution for customers who value comfort and time.


Source: FLA XT on Architizer



Beaubien Lighting Fixtures from Lambert & Fils – Design Milk

  • By novelladmin

Montréal-based studio Lambert & Fils Beaubien lighting fixtures go beyond just serving as a light by bringing a sculptural element to the design.

Source: Beaubien Lighting Fixtures from Lambert & Fils – Design Milk



Save the Date: Ice Box Challenge launches July 27 – Passive House Canada | Maison Passive Canada

  • By novelladmin

Residents of Vancouver, have you joined the #iceboxchallenge yet?

This year, Passive House Canada teamed up with the City of Vancouver and the local Construction Community to jumpstart the Icebox Challenge. This challenge puts the BC building code up against a super-insulated international high-performance building standard. The contest began on July 27th and will be concluding in the next four days (August 14th, 11:00am).

Two ice boxes – one built to the BC building code standard and one built to the Passive House standard. With all the heat coming our way, this is definitely going to be exciting! How much ice do you think will be left in each ice box?

Source: Save the Date: Ice Box Challenge launches July 27 – Passive House Canada | Maison Passive Canada