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Narrow Crooked House in Barcelona –

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The house was built in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a historic neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain. Designed and constructed by Josep Ferrando in 2014.

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Modern Home Addition Extends out in Two Open Rooms –

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The two open rooms that comprise this modern home addition mirror one another on the outside. Both flow naturally into the backyard through glass walls.

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28 Stunning Wallpaper Ideas Your Home Needs –

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Add a pop of color and pattern to your home with these bold wallpaper ideas.

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Our latest photoshoot

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A Yaletown home remodelled to perfection

This condominium remodel reorganized its old layout for modern living, complete with a light filled open kitchen, rich hardwood finishing, and customizations at every turn.

We gutted the entire apartment, relocated the kitchen, and converted the space to suit the specific lifestyle and needs of the homeowners.

It features wrap-around full height millwork with integrated appliances that help to define the space, provide a clean rich wood backdrop, and maximize storage space.

Check out the collection of photos here

Yaletown Remodel by Novell Design Build

Yaletown Remodel by Novell Design Build – Kitchen View



The First Residential Rainwater Cistern In The City of Burnaby

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Todays rain is a much-needed break from many people. Between the devastating wildfire conditions and the extraordinary dry summer, BC has experienced some of the harshest water restrictions we’ve seen in over a decade.  Yet we live in a rainforest – surely we should be able to capture enough rainwater through the year to hold us over when it’s dry.  Our 3 local reservoirs, Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam are reported to be at 66% of their normal levels and so the challenge seems to be capacity, with a rapidly growing Metro Vancouver population and our thirst for nature’s resource we need to find solutions.

Rain barrels are becoming a more common inclusion in our projects.  We’re designing homes with rainwater collection in mind, and recently we are proud to have designed and installed the first residential rainwater cistern in the City of Burnaby, and we are really excited about it.  

The homeowners came to us with an interest for alternative energy and water management solutions, and together we planned the undertaking of a rainwater capture system into an underground cistern.  They are now able to use rainwater to irrigate their yard, wash the car, and even flush their toilets.


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.58.09 PM



 Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 3.51.00 PM


Rainwater is collected from the roof, travels through a 3-stage gutter filtration system; gutter grates, V-shape funnel system & downspout catch basin. From here it travels along underground channels towards the cistern on a downward slope. As the water enters the system it goes through an internal filter, designed for optimum cleaning performance with maximum water yield and into the 1700 gallon tank; which is completely buried except for a lockable manhole. There are different sizes of tanks to choose from depending on your needs.

In the house’s mechanical room the central control unit cleverly provides a switch between the harvested rainwater or city supply therefore never leaving the household without the water it needs. The city water and rainwater are strictly isolated from each other at all times, even in the event of a mechanical failure the two sources can’t meet; so there is no chance of cross contamination. This is a mandatory requirement stipulated by the City.


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.31.10 PM

Photographer Ivelina Blagoeva is able to see the artistic potential that’s hidden within ordinary water droplets.



If you were going to talk to 3/4 of the world and tell them you fill your toilets with drinking water, they would think you were crazy.  Living in a rainforest brings us a bounty of high quality water throughout much of the year – it only makes sense to capture it and be smart with this resource.  Using a rainwater cistern rather than fresh water for secondary needs contributes to ensuring we have enough water for the projected growth of the region and for our future generations.

From a short-term financial perspective, a cistern like the one we installed in Burnaby would cost approximately 20-25k depending on your needs. It can be a considerable investment for some households, but it’s also worth considering that more and more municipalities are making the move to consumption-based water billing.

Even under Stage Four water restrictions, the use of rainwater is unrestricted and so allows you to continue watering and maintaining your garden…….there are no #grassholes at our Burnaby Residence!



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Case File: Fast Track Reno

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“We always wanted to live smaller without compromising on quality.”

The Subject

A midcentury townhome with outdated appliances, cabinetry and finishes.


The Objective

To revitalize an old townhome in 60 days or less for a family of three, downsizing from a larger home in order to focus on travel and smaller living.  Our clients were looking a healthy environment free of pollutants, and an overall surface refresh without compromising on quality.  Bright, clean and simple aesthetic, with practical affordability considered.

The Scope of Work

Design consultation ran alongside the build throughout.  After asbestos abatement, we re-drywalled and levelled the floors that had been sagging and bouncing over years with new subfloor and levelling concrete.  New flooring was then installed to a brilliant finish throughout the entire townhome.   The electrical wiring was re-run throughout the townhouse, though all plumbing and mechanical components remained in the same position – with simply new fixtures replacing the previous.  New kitchen cabinets. countertops and backsplash went in within walls that were squared up for a crisp clean finish.   The bathrooms were refurbished completely with simple classic fixtures and finishes.  New interior doors and trims.  Lighting and hardware throughout the house turned over to a consistent finish.  The fireplace was modernized for increased efficiency and a modern look.  New paint throughout.


The Result

It feels like a brand new home, on time and on budget!   This project was a perfect fit for the efficiencies our Design Build services can provide.  We overlapped design selections and decisions with the construction start in order to fully integrate efforts, and provide an expedited delivery.  This approach works well when lump sum allowances and a contingency is in place in order to facilitate changes and adjustments along the way.


Before & Afters:

Browse through the evidence. Click on any of the Before and After shots to enlarge.









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