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Truly Design Build

Our company was founded by a designer & a builder, both experts in their respective disciplines, and both committed to a better way of building homes.

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Design build from the very start

Laurel James and Angelito Camaclang founded Novell Design Build in 2005 on the belief that homebuilding is done best when designers & builders work together.

While remaining dedicated to their respective disciplines, Laurel and Angelito have built a team with a unified vision. The opportunity to overlap and interlace work is made possible by having everyone under one roof, and accountable as one.

Together they have developed a truly iterative design build process.  Any challenges are proactively solved with collaboration and communication.

The result is: every aspect of your home becomes thoughtfully crafted, expertly made and designed to be meaningful to you. Each Novell home is fit like a tailored suit.

- Our Directors
Laurel James

Laurel James

Director & Principal Designer | Co-Owner

Laurel graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor’s of Interior Design. Her career started in the commercial realm as designer and project manager in hospitality, retail, airport and interpretive museum projects for 10 years prior to Novell. She is the first chair of HAVAN’s Women’s Council.

Angelito Camaclang

Angelito Camaclang

Director & General Contractor | Co-Owner

Angelito started building homes hands-on in BC over 25 years ago, forming and framing homes. His professional knowledge base and technical skillset now extends to all realms of residential construction. His expertise in better building practices exceeds our industry standards in efficiency and sustainability. His proprietorship of contracting precedes Novell.

Licensed Builders with BC Housing

Third Party Warranty Providers

HAVAN members and RenoMark Renovators

Voluntary signatories on the Builder’s Code Pledge

A+ members of Better Business Bureau

- Our Partners

Novella Outdoors

Our strategic partnership with Novella Outdoors has extended Novell Design Build’s breadth of service to the outdoors. Together, we have design-built a collection of Signature Sheds. With Novella Outdoors, we can now provide full home and outdoor services, including general and custom landscape services.