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3 Reasons to Start a Career in Construction

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3 Reasons to Start a Career in Construction

April is construction and skilled trades month in BC, putting focus on the 59,000 construction jobs anticipated to open up by 2027.  As demand for construction projects grow, so does the need for skilled workers.  At Novell, we don't just design beautiful homes, we build them. This means we rely heavily on skilled trades to help bring our designs to reality. Have you ever considered starting a career in construction or a skilled trade? Here are a few reasons that might be a great idea:

Earning Potential

Working in construction or a skilled trade can be a financially wise decision. The 2016 BC Construction Industry Survey revealed the average annual salary of a BC construction worker was $56,170. While actual earnings will vary depending on your chosen trade and level of education and experience, there is also a benefit in being able to find work in the construction space. The same survey shows that the unemployment rate in the construction sector for 2016 was only 3.4% (the all sector rate is 5.8%). That combined with the projected 59,000 jobs in the next ten years means the construction industry is booming.

Help Build the Future

When you choose a career in the construction industry not only are you growing your own skills, but you are growing communities and the future of BC. The impact you can have as a skilled tradesperson on the development of our province is huge. Imagine the satisfaction of being able to walk past a home and know that you had a part in building it. Construction careers also go beyond skilled trades. Alongside trades are positions in administration, technology and regulation. Construction is fast growing and constantly adapting to new developments and technology - opening more opportunities by the minute.

Get Support From the Province

You may be convinced that a career in construction is worth exploring, but are not sure where to start. The province is committing to supporting people interested in skilled trades, with the funding to back it up. British Columbia will be directly investing $1.2 billion in the post secondary sector over the next 3 years.  Included in this is funding to support women in the trades. Currently, only 3,600 registered apprentices in BC are women, so the province is committing $1.8 million to support and retain women in the construction industry. More and more post secondary institutions are dedicating programs to trades, and there are many scholarship and funding opportunities available.To learn more about the province's initiatives surrounding Construction and Skilled Trades month, and to learn more about educational opportunities in the trades, click here.Are you already a tradesperson looking to be involved with our exciting upcoming projects? Submit your information through our vendors form to tell us more.  Or, if you are a skilled labourer interested in learning more about opportunities with our projects, see our careers page.

Sources: https://www.bccassn.com/media/survey-bc-construction-industry-2016.pdf and https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2018AEST0044-000483

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