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Our Mission: Thoughtful Solutions, Meaningful Spaces

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Our Mission: Thoughtful Solutions, Meaningful Spaces

As a design-build professional, ensuring thoughtfulness in solutions and creating meaningful spaces requires a mindful approach. Homes matter, and at Novell, we want the design-build work that we do to matter and be meaningful to homeowners for years to come.

We strive to go further and find ways to make space matter to the people who live in them. Creating meaningful spaces that are designed and built to meet your desired experiences is what excites us. This can only come through thoughtful solutions.

In the office we talk often about being “thoughtful” with our solutions and to us this means a number of things including:

  1. Taking the time to really listen and look with open heart and mind. We want to do everything we can to be open to what is around us, and not rely on preconceptions or assumptions.
  2. Communicating & collaborating often.  We foster an environment of open communication, coordination and idea-sharing to come up with cohesive and thoughtful solutions to the challenges that arise.
  3. Sweating the small stuff. Thoughtful work is all about the details. Pay attention to every aspect of the space, from layout and materials to finishes and fasteners. It's the little things that can really make a difference.
  4. Putting the homeowner at the centre of the process.  Empathize with the family that will be living in the home and think about what would make their space most meaningful to them.  We find it’s a different answer each time!

The biggest satisfaction comes when we have the opportunity to visit past homeowners and hear stories of how their project has been meaningful to them, for example being able to gather the whole family for a holiday, having a special place to retreat and work or that extra room for in-laws or growing children.

Homebuilding and residential construction should be easier. We should be able to do it thoughtfully, and design-build spaces that are meaningful to the people that live there.

What’s Important to you?

Being close to family
A space for my collection
Aging in place
Having a room with a view
Growing my family

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