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Thanksgiving, Conventionally Unconventional

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Thanksgiving, Conventionally Unconventional

The leaves have started changing colour and the days are crisp and chilly; fall is definitely here. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it's time to get those Pinterest boards fired up, charger plates dusted off and decor picked. Turkey Day is about family tradition and we love that--it's just that traditional sometimes equals conventional. So let's push those boundaries in style!When we think of fall colours we often picture oranges and yellows, dark earth tones, and metallics like copper and brass. And by association, these colours get lumped in with Thanksgiving as well.

thanksgiving tablescape tabel decor design home
A discerning colour palette helps to reduce visual clutter. This simple arrangement uses tones like greens, tans, and off-whites to create a natural-feeling tablescape. Commonly associated with weddings, this is one Thanksgiving table sure to break away from tradition.

Tablescapes are a big deal for Thanksgiving; the table is the focal point for both entertaining and dining. So instead of the conventional fall colours, pick brighter hues, experiment with pastels, even incorporate an electric blue here and there.

thanksgiving table tablescape white flower decor design home decoration decorating
A colourful centrepiece anchors an otherwise monochromatic table arrangement. A round table, which helps facilitate conversation and interaction, breaks the norm of have a long rectangular dining table.

Natural elements are a big feature in Thanksgiving decor. The can be used to add a variety of textures and hues. For the truly DIY, they are also a relatively low-cost option to decorating your table for the holidays.

thanksgiving tablescape runner dinner decor design home
A plank of rough wood makes for a clever runner that adds a natural element to the Thanksgiving table. Mosses and lichens add earth tones and texture.
thanksgiving plate dinner tablescape decor design home
A brightly coloured feather is a natural adornment to a napkin ring. A pop of classic fall orange contrasts nicely with cool hues.

We often like tradition to provide guidelines for our decor, but for the truly bold a reinterpretation of the rules isn't always enough.

Thanksgiving decor design home dinner table tablescape
Convention is more of an afterthought in this tablescape. Bold colours, patterns and accents make an impact.[/caption]And finally, the pumpkin: the staple of all things autumn. When it comes to Thanksgiving decor, you can't go wrong with everyone's favourite shapely gourd. But let's see if we can't put our own spin on a fall classic.
thanksgiving tablescape table dinner home design decor pumpkin
Intense colours make an impact on white painted pumpkins.
pumpkin thanksgiving tablescape dinner home design decor
A white painted pumpkin holds a colourful arrangement of berries and leaves.
dinner tablescape decor design thanksgiving pumpkin
A more traditional arrangement opts for a monochrome palette that contrasts fall colours with white pumpkins.

Even a Thanksgiving tradition like apple pie isn't safe from a refresher. Bacon adds a savoury, smoky kick to this sweet treat.

thanksgiving decor design home apple pie food dessert dining entertaining holiday
If apple pie tastes good and bacon tastes good...

Hungry for more unconventional Thanksgiving inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board for decor ideas and more!

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