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New WFH Solutions with Novella Outdoors

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New WFH Solutions with Novella Outdoors

This year, a whole new market for working at home has emerged. The world has experienced an unprecedented rise in people working from home (WFH). And as our lifestyles have changed, we've been asking our homes to adapt with us. There is a universal need for beauty, calm, and purpose in our home - now, more than ever. 

It's time to invest in long-term solutions. If your WFH setting isn't a dedicated space, it's going to be difficult to get any work done, let alone your best work. This is when frustration sets in, and the idea of working from home is abandoned. Whether you are working remotely, a student at school, or a budding entrepreneur, it's important to invest in your space. We shouldn't have to compromise our well-being or personal space in order to achieve our goals!

Featuring the Chickadee 206 Office Studio

The Chickadee 206 Office Studio is the first Signature Shed from the Novella collection to be released. It is design-built to provide the calm, comfort and practically organized space that a work-from-home day requires.

While we love to see our homes adapt over time, renovations and additions aren't always realistically possible. We've found that walking a few steps across your garden to a dedicated space is the best way to start your day.

The board and batten siding is shown here with its natural Western Red Cedar finish and is also available with a dark charcoal-stained finish.
The matching matte black light fixtures, windows, and built-in desk complete the look inside.
Cross and stack ventilation is achieved with an openable skylight and the largest possible window with a lockable opening.
Stay focused and creative in this private space. You’ll be steps from home but centred in your workflow.
Novella Outdoors can provide full landscape contracting services, and furnishing with their online marketplace.
Fully equipped for power, heating, and fresh air ventilation, it is ready to plug and play for year-round use.

Invest and add property value to your home.

Pre-pandemic, sheds were valued for their utility. Now, they're one of the smartest investments you can add to your property. A Novella is an extension of your home -- long-lasting, beautiful, the easiest way to add square footage to your home.

If you're in the housing market right now, our two-week installation timeline could be the extra boost your property needs. Our simple construction process and prefabricated elements ease the experience of adding to your home. Depending on your zoning, you may be eligible to add an additional 60-100 square feet to your property without a building permit. Contact us for a complimentary site evaluation.

If you have a work-from-home job, new studies, or professional endeavours coming up, your investment may be tax-deductible, as well.

The Chickadee 206 Office Studio, and our Chickadee 206 Base Model are currently available for summer 2021 installations. Contact us to book your installation date, or talk to us at our contactless open house! Appointments are open in the Dunbar neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC.

With Novella Outdoors, we can now provide full home and outdoor services, including general and custom landscape services. Explore the full collection at Novella Outdoors, and discover what's possible in your backyard.

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