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Coach Houses Have Arrived on the North Shore

  • By Tudor

laneway house north vancouver coach house

North Vancouver, are you ready?  Coach houses have officially arrived!

That’s right, homeowners of North Vancouver, you can now build your own coach house right on your property.

As of November 2014, both the District and City of North Vancouver have approved coach houses. However, just like in Vancouver, there still exist restrictions as to the type of coach house you can build, as well as which type of properties are permitted to build.

For more information on coach houses in the City of North Vancouver, click here.

And for more information on coach houses in the District of North Vancouver, click here.

Already up to date on coach house regulations in North Vancouver and raring to go? Or are just getting your feet wet and need a little help to get started?

Check out our latest laneway home and then contact us to set up a free consultation!

You can also find us in booth 1338 at the BC Home and Garden Show from February 18th to 22nd.  Come speak to one of our team members to sign up for a free complementary seminar on coach houses in North Vancouver! Read more here.