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5 Reasons to Hire a Designer

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5 Reasons to Hire a Designer

For as long as there have been houses to build or renovate this question has always come up.  Why hire a designer?The shortest answer is specialized knowledge.  Like any trained professional, a designer brings to a project a set of skills that have been acquired over years of education and practice.  A designer brings a project into focus, illuminating the path between constraints, and highlighting the opportunities within.Below are 5 reasons why you should hire a designer.

1. Mistakes cost time and money

Hiring and allowing a designer to space plan, create and problem solve, mitigates the probability that costly problems will occur.  They understand that what is planned and drawn on paper carry code, life safety, maintenance and structural implications.  A designer speaks the language of those that are building, and is up to date on the requirements and constraints by authorities having jurisdiction, such as the municipality in which the project exists.  An extensive renovation or new build takes time even with the help of a professional.  But with a DIY approach, anticipate extra delays, unexpected costs and lengthy frustrations.

2. Space planning and thoughtful design is important

Although designers are trained to do much more than just plan for spaces, it's important not to discount the impact a thoughtfully designed floorplan can have.  Many people don't realize how psychologically linked we are to our homes.  How we want to experience and use our homes are based on myriad details.  A designer is able to tap into your wants and desired living experiences. They can implement practical planning for spaces that can expand, contract, and evolve over time.

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3. Creating beauty feels good

A designer is programmed to create beauty in the built environment that is sensitive to proportions, balance, rhythm and composition.  Design often gets entangled with style and style is precarious.  Great design considers the shelf-life of an idea and strives to transcend beyond what is current and into timeless appeal.  A designer helps you discover what aesthetic risks you are comfortable with, and is trained to explore expressions that will enhance the way you experience your home.  This allows you to emotionally connect with your surroundings in a meaningful way.

4. Building codes and city regulations can be a nightmare

Many prospective clients don't initially realize that their municipality can sometimes stand between them and their dream home. City regulations can be strict and if a homeowner has little experience or knowledge of their local regulations, they may experience significant delays when submitting design drawings.  Naturally, a designer is able to navigate these rules.  Building codes are also always changing as are the various materials and assemblies allowed.

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5. Not all materials or products are created equal

A designer will know which particular materials and products are appropriate to use and when.  Selections by a designer consider attributes such as content, origin, aesthetics, life cycle costs, installation ease, finishing options, maintenance and performance.  Environmental conditions like humidity, light and acoustics can also play a part in the decision process.  Designers often have access to new products and materials, and ones that may not be readily available to the public.  With a purchasing network at their fingertips, a designer can shop, compare and specify solutions far more expertly and efficiently.Hire a designer and start your custom home build today.Connect with one of Novell Design Build's designers here.

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