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About Us

  • Thoughtful Solutions

    Meaningful Spaces

    We design build new custom homes, major renovations and laneways. At the centre of our practice is a dedication to thoughtful solutions and meaningful spaces.

    Homebuilding comes alive with meaning when every corner is crafted with thoughtful solutions through a Design Build approach. We consider what matters to you in your home, and strive to be in service to the desired experiences of the family within ~ executed with quality and built to perform for decades to come.

    Novell Design Build believes that homebuilding is best when the designers and builders work alongside one another to a common aim, in service to the homeowner’s needs and wants, and accountable under one roof.

    Our Breadth of Services

    At every step of the process, we offer a seamless and efficient coordination amongst our Design Build team.

    Our services include initial concept design, the full permitting process including engineering and architectural consultation, interior and exterior design, full turn-key construction and extended services for warranty, maintenance, furnishing, landscaping and beyond. 

    We are licensed builders with BC Housing, RenoMark Renovators, Pacific Home Warranty and signatories on the Builder’s Code Pledge. We are also proud HAVAN and BBB members.

    Service Provided Areas: Vancouver, North Vancouver,
    West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey.

    1. Zoning Study, Concept Design & Early Constructibility Review

    Conceptualizing a space always begins with what’s important to you. At this stage, we help establish a broad design approach from which all subsequent work will be based. In order to lay down a strong design foundation, we gather and integrate as much information as possible. We draw from your inspirational sources and the desired experiences you want the space to provide, and provide you with options on the path that lay ahead.

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    Early onsite exploration by our team and trade experts can prove critically valuable. A peek into your attics, basements and bulkheads can tell us whether or not your Design Build concepts are viable. This illuminates what constraints or special considerations will be necessary, and helps to avoid surprises down the road. Energy and hazardous material testing early in the Design Build process helps to inform the project’s budget and scope of work requirements. Ballpark budgets are established together with you.

    “…some of the most genuine personal care and reasonably priced attention to detail that I have ever received, period.”

    2. Permit Drawings & Construction Budgeting

    With a solid understanding of the project requirements, conceptual direction and physical constraints, we turn our focus to creating your Development Permit and Building Permit Submission Set of drawings.

    This includes building efficiencies into your design, and critically thinking best approaches.

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    We design the structural, mechanical, electrical systems of the house, and evaluate the energy requirements. We do a full building code analysis and prepare/compile the required permit documents for issue into the City or District. This part of the process is executed by our designers and technicians, with approval from our project managers for constructability and budgetary adjustments.

    Where essential, we providing ballpark estimates for your overall construction costs. With every development, we keep you updated and informed to make sure what we design is in-line with our design rationale, construction budget.

    The integration of Design Build meant that there were no promises made that could not be kept.”

    3. Construction & Design During Construction

    Construction is the phase where a fully integrated Design Build approach really pays off. Our Build team is already intimately familiar with your project, and is keeping your initial design vision in mind. At this point in your project, every material, trade and finish has been chosen, approved and accounted for in our budget.

    We use digital project management software to keep everyone up to date, accurate and accountable. This results in the efficient and seamless execution of your Design Build intent. An overall construction schedule is set, and bi-weekly meetings become routine to monitor progress alongside you, answering any and all questions along the way.  

    We are licensed builders with BC Housing (formerly HPO), and Pacific Home Warranty. We are proud GVHBA and BBB members. Our expert tradespeople, site supervisors, coordinators and finishers build with a tight dovetail relationship to our designers in the office.

    Design During Construction are continued design services that ensure an efficient and seamless execution, start to finish. Throughout construction, still in the role of designer, we regularly review site progress by participating in site meetings, answering questions, and providing additional site instructions.

    Our designers and project managers administrate changes and site instructions. We coordinate with subconsultants and direct work from a design perspective onsite where discrepancies, questions, or challenges arise. We review all products, materials, and specifications that are involved. We review fabricator samples and shop drawings on your behalf to ensure they match and comply with the drawings.

    This home was build with thought, care and integrity. We cannot express how happy is was to work with Novell and especially the dynamic team of Laurel and Angelito.

    4. Design Development Inside and Outside

    Often overlapping with permitting and/or part of construction start, design development is where we refine design expression, finish and material selection, product specification.  

    We deeply consider approaches to finishings, including:

    • Identifying the exact materials of interior doors, floor finishes, tile, kitchen cabinetry and countertops, bathroom vanity cabinetry and countertops, trim work, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and hardware;
    • Creating custom Design Build features, such as built-in millwork and cabinetry, wall panelling and specialty moulding design;
    • Integrating your design rationale beyond the interiors with exterior specifications, landscaping, hardscaping, weather-considered installations and additional outdoor features.
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    5. Decor, Furnishing & Warranty

    All new homes are warrantied with the industry required HPO 2-5-10 coverage, where we personally administrate your needs for the first 2 years.  As proud RenoMark® Renovators, all renovation projects receive a 2 year warranty on all labour, exceeding the industry minimum.  All you need to do now is enjoy your new home.

    This part of the design process is our opportunity to add an extra personal touch to your home. In the past, we’ve really enjoyed selecting furniture, art, instruments and decor to suit every member of the family. Selecting quality features is key to enjoying your home for years to come.

    For additional outdoor services, we’ve partnered with Novella Outdoors. They provide signature sheds, essential outdoor services and custom outdoor experience to suit your outdoor lifestyle. Your home doesn’t end at the front door!

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    “Every morning we walk around thinking: We love our home. We love our home. We love our home.”

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  • Design Build from the very start

    Laurel James and Angelito Camaclang founded Novell Design Build in 2005 on a belief that homebuilding is done best when every corner of the home is crafted with a Design Build benefit. Together, Laurel and Angelito have developed a truly iterative design build process.

    Thank you to our excellent team, professional colleagues, associations and our local community for making our vision possible.

    Laurel James Director & Principal Designer | Co-Owner

    Laurel graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture with a Bachelor of Interior Design. Her career started in the commercial realm as Designer and Project Manager in hospitality, retail, airport and interpretive museum projects for 10 years prior to Novell. She is the First Chair of HAVAN’s Women’s Council.

    Angelito Camaclang Director & General Contractor | Co-Owner

    Angelito started building homes hands-on in BC over 25 years ago, forming and framing homes. His professional knowledge base and technical skillset now extends to all realms of residential construction. His expertise in better building practices exceeds our industry standards in efficiency and sustainability. His proprietorship of contracting precedes Novell.

    Service Provided Areas:

    All of Metro Vancouver including primarily:

    Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, North Shore